Canton Acupuncture Balances the Body
for Pain Relief and Wellness

Canton acupuncture provided for balance and pain reliefThe Center for Holistic Medicine provides Canton acupuncture using traditional and high-tech methods to achieve the benefits of this ancient healing modality. These treatments are comfortable and safe: the needles are sterile and FDA-approved and are so thin that when used by our skilled acupuncturist, the patient can hardly feel them. We can also use electroacupuncture; this high-tech version applies micro-electric currents to the same traditional points on the skin where needles would be inserted. In either case, our patients, young and old, are enthusiastic about the healing and wellness results they have experienced.

Canton Acupuncture for Optimal Health

Our Canton acupuncture practitioner,  Dr. James works to correct imbalances in the body that are causing pain and dysfunction. Bringing the body back into balance can relieve many kinds of pain and restore wellness. Our highly-skilled acupuncturist is trained to diagnose and treat imbalances in your natural energy flow, which is called “Qi” (pronounced "chee"). Qi flows through your body in electrically-measurable channels called “meridians.” Many things in life can disrupt the flow of energy along these meridians, which can cause imbalances that affect how well you feel and function. Emotional stress, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, injuries and illnesses can all affect how Qi flows. Since your body is a complete, integrated system and not simply a disconnected collection of symptoms, an energy blockage or disruption in one area can affect other areas of the body too. So sciatica, headaches and migraines, back pain, digestive problems and metabolic issues etc. can be symptoms of underlying imbalances that could benefit from an acupuncturist’s help.

This system of needling precise points on the skin to affect changes within the body by unblocking meridians has been in practical use for well over 2000 years. It is widely still used across Asia today because it works! More and more western healthcare practitioners and patients are discovering its benefits, while scientific studies are unveiling how it relieves pain and restores wellness. Both traditional acupuncture and electroacupuncture stimulate areas in the brain that change a person’s pain experience, producing endorphins that naturally reduce pain and calm its pain receptors. The needles also stimulate bio-chemical changes radiating from the needling points through the body’s connective tissue to stimulate internal healing.

In our office, we can read a patient’s energy flow using a computer-guided probe that touches points on the hands and feet. This gives us an accurate reading of Qi flowing through the meridians and where imbalances may be occurring. After discussing all of the aspects of your life that may be affecting your Qi, we can use acupuncture to start rebalancing your meridians to help your body start healing itself. Our patients have experienced significant relief from headaches, back pain, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress and anxiety through acupuncture.

Please call us today at 330-754-0086 to schedule an appointment to kick start your body’s internal healing mechanisms!


Patient Testimonies:

1.  What was it like before you came to see us?

Before coming to CFHM I had severe pressure and pain in my ears and often had dizziness. Also for the past 35 years I have had extremely high blood pressure. I was unable to get it below 160/95 even with medications.

2.  How is it now?

Now after acupuncture and massage treatments with Dr. James, Clare, and the staff at CFHM the pain and pressure in my ears is gone and no more dizziness. My blood pressure now stays at or below 120/60 on the average but still with medication.

- Allen K.

My pain is totally relieved in my neck for days after treatment. After acupuncture, I fell born again, and feel so aware and alert. I am now multitasking like NEVER before due to relief from pain and better brain function.

- Carol Z.

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