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Our Canton chiropractor and our holistic healing team are here to optimize the health of you and your family. We offer a myriad of total-health modalities such as massage therapy, detox purification techniques, dynamic chiropractic care, Pilates and yoga. Our range of services is designed to meet your holistic medicine needs! Conveniently located in the heart of Canton, Center for Holistic Medicine offers you a whole-person get healthy, stay healthy philosophy to health and healing. With our range of services, you can expect an integrative approach to your wellness.
Canton Chiropractic Care

Holistic Services Including Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Detox

Health is about transformation, rejuvenation and optimization- a lifelong journey that our team of experienced professionals is ready to travel on with you. The chiropractic lifestyle is one that incorporates all aspects of health and really focuses on lifestyle. When you come for a visit to our clinic, our chiropractor will ask questions about your everyday routine such as dietary and nutrition patterns, exercise and sports involvement, occupation and about general well-being. Our chiropractor will synthesize this information to develop a personalized care plan to create your individual path for wellness. Your integrative plan may include several modalities that will be supported with nutritional counseling, rehabilitative therapies and at-home exercises.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapy in CantonAcupuncture and massage therapy are two therapeutic modalities that can complement your regular care. These two versatile therapies not only work exceptionally well with the care our chiropractor offers, but they work well together. To further enhance your experience of rejuvenation and healing, we offer detox purification. If you're experiencing sleep disturbances, sluggish digestion, weight concerns, fatigue, allergies or cholesterol issues, ask our staff about detox purification. The addition of detox purification to any program will facilitate the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste while replenishing essential nutrients. Whole-body benefits include balancing weight and cholesterol levels, regulating the glycemic index and improving sleep patterns.

Another benefit of your complementary therapies at Center For Holistic Medicine is that they all mutually accentuate one another to improve your total health. This means that both your acute and preventive health concerns will always be supported by our team of healers. If rehabilitation is part of the therapy you're visiting us for, massage therapy and acupuncture work well together to help soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and muscles to communicate more efficiently as a subluxation is removed from your spinal column. Perhaps you're seeing us for immune health or for an internal health concern-your integrative therapies will work together to offer you that get healthy, stay healthy approach we're dedicated to providing!

We encourage all of our patients to participate fully in the experience of maximizing health. Visiting us for a refreshing yoga or Pilates class will support the purification process to promote overall healing. Enjoyed by and appropriate for people of all ages, both Pilates and yoga support flexibility, relaxation and reduce dependency on pain medications. Our experienced instructor is ready to help you develop a regular practice of yoga and Pilates to improve physical awareness and support your regular integrative care.

Holistic medicine is a philosophy that stretches far beyond our office doors. And, when you're home, incorporating aspects of your nutritional counseling and dietary recommendations will continue to support the potential of the treatments you receive when you're with us at our office.

Ready to realize your whole-health potential? Call our Canton chiropractic and holistic medicine center at 330-754-0086.

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